Wednesday, August 16, 2017

baby makes 5

 This pregnancy was just like all my others. difficult. At 24 weeks I started to have contractions. We and my OB decided to do IV fluids daily to keep me hydrated which kept contractions down. I was also put on mild bed rest. which is as hard as it sounds having two kids.
At 29 weeks I started to bleed vaginally. My OB and maternal fetal medicine doctor (who I was seeing once a week to check cervix and twice a week for non stress tests) was concerned about the cerclage (placed at 13 weeks) tearing my cervix.
with having ultrasounds once a week we were checking to make sure my cervix wasn't shortening and that baby was growing. baby was growing at 4%. Good blood flow but still very small. which was new for my pregnancies.
We had plans to take out my cerclage at 34 weeks (June 16th) due to the bleeding.

June 8th was just an ordinary day. I was staying down as much as possible but noticed that baby wasn't moving. I tried sugar drinks and tootsie rolls while laying on my left side and doing the kick count. I would feel maybe two moves in one hour but not big kicks like I was used to. I was feeling nervous since this baby was usually a wild thing. I had an appointment for NST the next morning and kept thinking I could just wait till then to make sure the baby was ok. I kept laying on my left side and trying to feel movement to comfort my decision. I wasn't getting that.
I decided I was going to go into labor and delivery. Its not like I had not already been in there 5 other times this pregnancy, whats one more time?
Baby's heart rate was not accelerating at all. They watched for a while and then sent me over to get an ultrasound to see baby's fluid and movement. They have a scale of 10 and the baby got 2/10. The 2 points were for good fluid. They did the ultrasound for THIRTY MINUTES straight and saw not one movement or practice breath from baby. not one! The OB on call was so kind to me. He kept telling me that we might have to deliver the baby tonight but he would let my OB give the final say.
They called my OB and he said that we had to deliver TONIGHT and that he was on his way. I lost it. I have not set foot in the NICU since Kohen was in there. (Hadley was in there but only for 24 hours and I was not able to go down due to recovery) The on call OB told me to call Kellen to come since this baby was coming asap. I kept crying and apologizing for crying so much. He kept telling me that I made the right decision for my baby coming in that night, which made me cry more. He kept saying "your husband will be here soon" and looked very uncomfortable. The nurse came in to move me to a delivery room and admit me. She left me in the room to get dressed. My phone had died earlier, right after I had told Kellen to ask my parents to watch Kohen and Hadley and to get to the hospital. I went into the delivery room to change and decided to call and make sure Kellen was close. He didn't answer (not a surprise) so I tried my mom's phone to make sure he had left. I cried and cried talking to her. I could hardly talk. Having a premature baby is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I didn't know if I could go through it again emotionally.
They opened the door and asked if I was ready to go. I had not even changed yet! They couldn't do the work fast enough. before they even had blood work done the room was prepped and ready to go. I went back and got all numb before Kellen came back. The C-section went great even though I wasn't expecting to feel so much pulling and tugging on my body. They were able to put up a clear drape so I could see them pull baby out! When they pulled the baby out I heard crying (I have never had a baby come out crying before) My OB put baby up to the clear drape right by our faces and Kellen announced it is a GIRL! 3 pounds 4 ounces of perfection.
Kellen and I had boy names we agreed on... but girl names we had two different lists. They took me back to the delivery room and Kellen came back in after going to the NICU with baby girl to make sure everything was ok. My mom showed up! She came and waited outside while Kohen was born to come in and be with me when Kellen went with him to the NICU right after birth. She realized a while after Kellen had left that this would be the same thing and she needed to be there for me.
I didn't want to tell anyone the gender till we had a name. But we ended up telling her if she promised not to tell anyone. We got our list of names out and started to discuss which ones we could agree on. Kellen's name he loved was Paisley.
The names I loved were Brightyn and Holland.

We kept discussing it and I told Kellen we could nickname her B and he was SOLD!
I felt like I had been through so much in such a short amount of time I was a bit emotionally drained. I felt like my body was in a bit of shock. I kept telling Kellen I wasn't sure if it was her name. I was so convinced she was a boy that I was needing to let it sink in that she was a girl and that she was already here before naming her.
As we visited her more and more I knew she was our Brightyn. 

 meeting her big brother and sister for the first time. (not how I pictured it)

 Brightyn stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks and 2 days. She was a little rockstar. She took a bottle the day she was born! She kept growing and eating all her feedings. She came home at 3 pounds 15 ounces. SO TINY! It was so special being back with all the nurses who saved Kohen's life, took care of Hadley and now got to take care of Brightyn. We have such a special place in our hearts for these men and women. I could never thank them enough for the work they did. because of them I am a mom to these 3 perfect kids.
We all love this little girl more than I can say. She has brought such a sweet spirit to our family. Some days I just cry holding her. Knowing that she started out as just a tiny embryo and is now our sweet baby Brightyn.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hadley turns 3

 The last picture of my baby as a 2 year old 
 hahaha she sleeps so crazy. 
 We did a candy theme birthday party because this girl will do ANYTHING for candy or sweets of any kind. She was SO excited to pick out all the candy for her party with me. Grandma Trina made her cake and did an awesome job. She even added donuts which Hadley absolutely LOVES.

  because we were doing a candy theme birthday party I did not plan for a pinata. The day before we celebrated her birthday she was talking to me about how excited she was for the pinata at her birthday party.. rush to the store we went!!! Good thing we did because it was the hit at the party again.
She was so sweet to give everyone hugs for the sweet gifts they brought and for coming to her party. She even thanked Abi and Ava for helping set up her party. just the way she said party was so cute I loved hearing her say it over and over.
 Hadley was also lucky that on her birthday day it was dance day yay!! She wanted to take donuts for her friends and couldn't wait to eat one the second she got home.
 The only other thing she wanted for her birthday was her ears pierced. She was pretty nervous about the guy just because she is always more nervous around men. She cried more with the first ear but was way good for the second. I was not ready to get earrings but she wanted them so bad and loves them so much. She still loves to show them off to people.
We came home that night and sang Happy birthday to our baby girl and let her eat a cup cake. Candy makes this girls entire day! 
We love our Hadders and couldn't imagine our life without her. She is hilarious, stubborn, determined and loving. She says I love you so often and loves to give kisses (when its her idea) She loves gymnastics- her favorite part is the bars. She still loves dance and can't wait for dance class each week. She loves nursery especially now that Grandpa Randy is one of her teachers. She can't wait to be the big sister and I can't wait to watch her step into that role :) 

Kohen turns 4

 The last picture of my 3 year old!! 
 Kohen was introduced to paw patrol by his Grandma Trina and has been in love with it ever since. He was SO excited to have a paw patrol party and invite some of his friends and school friends.

 yes, we didn't have plates.. just dog bowls to eat out of haha 
I was actually really nervous to have a friend party with him being so young but he was so excited to have his friends come play and everything be paw patrol. The hit of the party was the pinata. no surprise there. Grandma Trina was also so sweet to make Kohen's birthday cake that he thought was so cool being a huge dog bone. We celebrated the next day (sunday) with family. He loved running wild with cousins and eating more cake!
I can not believe I have a four year old. We are hoping this year brings a happier, better behaved Kohen. He is so smart. He loves to learn but has hit a stubborn spot and is just wanting to review things he knows which we are ok with. He is ready to read but has no interest. He knows how to trick us parents now and is dang good at it. He is obsessed with playing monster and hide and seek. He has the most contagious laugh and the cutest smile. We love him more and more every day and know we are so beyond blessed he is in our family.

baby makes 3

 Kellen and I had decided we wanted to start trying for another baby. We knew there was a possibility that it could take longer or we would have to get extra help because of my colon being removed. We tried for 13 months before going to the fertility doc we saw before we had Kohen and Hadley. We started the week after talking to him with the intentions of doing IUI. ^^ picture above is the box of shots and hormones for me to give myself!!!
 When I went in for an ultrasound to see how many follicles we had after the shots, etc.. we had 7! (I wasn't even on the amount of hormones as normal woman who does IUI, I was on less!!!) With having Kohen so early and knowing that we didn't want multiples because of the high risk of premature birth the doctor said there is no way he would continue with IUI for me. He knew we would get multiples because of how many follicles were mature. We moved on to IVF knowing we would only transfer one egg that hopefully wouldn't split! This is a picture of me Kellen took when he came to pick me up after they retrieved the eggs. November 4th
 Transfer day!! This is November 9th.. the day they transfered our embryo into me!!

 The day we found out from the blood test and urine test that we are expecting another Robbins babe!!
My 5 week baby bump picture. It is kinda weird that two weeks after placing the embryo into my uterus that I was 5 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has been the longest pregnancy already. I had to give myself progestrone shots for 10 weeks and they made me miserably sick. I tried to convince my doctor to let me stop but because of IVF I had to continue. Once I was done with them I was feeling like my other two pregnancies which was better than this. FOR SURE.

My kids are SO excited. We may have told them I was expecting too soon because they were so excited and Kohen kept telling people before we were ready. Kohen now thinks its a boy and Hadley will only talk about it being a girl. I asked her if she will be ok if it is a boy, she started cry and said she will fight with it if its a boy. Hadley is also convinced she has a baby in her belly as well. She is always saying if she eats too much her baby will get a tummy ache, or if Kohen hits her she says he hurt her baby. It is so funny!

We are due July 28th but the doctor will only let me go to 37 weeks tops because of the pressure that will be on my j-pouch the bigger the baby gets.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hadley's 2nd birthday!

 My sweet Hadley, the last picture as a one year old.
We did a twinkle twinkle little star theme for Hadley's birthday. We decided to do this theme because she loves loves to sing this song. all. day. long.
We rented a bounce slide. The did have a lot of fun going down the slide and being wild. We had a scare with it that made the party a bit dull for a while but everyone got over it after a while and enjoyed the slide.

 Grandma Julie made the cake this year and Hadley loved it like we all knew she would!
 We take a picture with mom and dad every year on the kids birthday. I haven't shared all of them (because my face was massive in some) but we always take one :)
This sweet girl LOVED her birthday. She loved her party, her birthday day, her cake and everything between. This picture is of her dancing while eating a cupcake. She would eat junk food ALL day long if we let her. Thank you to everyone for coming to celebrate Hadley. She still sings happy birthday so often and wants it to be her birthday again. We love this girl and all her wildness.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Kohen turns 3!

Kohen had such a fun birthday this year. He is still in love with anything farm or horse related so we decided to do a john deer theme and have his favorite farmer Gil come with his horses. 

 Hadley loved holding the rope and leading the horse around :)

 his cute cake Grandma Trina made :)

cousins enjoying suckers after the FUN pinata Kell was super excited for. We were able to have the horses and farmer Gil for a while in the backyard. The kids all loved riding the horses. It was so cute to see how some just fell in love with riding.. just like Kohen! He was so spoiled and opened gifts from loved ones.. ate lunch and hit the pinata. It was such a fun day for him. When everyone left he said "mom, where did all my friends go?" He would have lived that day over and over again. 
I still can't believe my baby boy is 3! We love that he is part of our fam. and some days can't believe how strong he is.