Friday, February 10, 2017

Hadley turns 3

 The last picture of my baby as a 2 year old 
 hahaha she sleeps so crazy. 
 We did a candy theme birthday party because this girl will do ANYTHING for candy or sweets of any kind. She was SO excited to pick out all the candy for her party with me. Grandma Trina made her cake and did an awesome job. She even added donuts which Hadley absolutely LOVES.

  because we were doing a candy theme birthday party I did not plan for a pinata. The day before we celebrated her birthday she was talking to me about how excited she was for the pinata at her birthday party.. rush to the store we went!!! Good thing we did because it was the hit at the party again.
She was so sweet to give everyone hugs for the sweet gifts they brought and for coming to her party. She even thanked Abi and Ava for helping set up her party. just the way she said party was so cute I loved hearing her say it over and over.
 Hadley was also lucky that on her birthday day it was dance day yay!! She wanted to take donuts for her friends and couldn't wait to eat one the second she got home.
 The only other thing she wanted for her birthday was her ears pierced. She was pretty nervous about the guy just because she is always more nervous around men. She cried more with the first ear but was way good for the second. I was not ready to get earrings but she wanted them so bad and loves them so much. She still loves to show them off to people.
We came home that night and sang Happy birthday to our baby girl and let her eat a cup cake. Candy makes this girls entire day! 
We love our Hadders and couldn't imagine our life without her. She is hilarious, stubborn, determined and loving. She says I love you so often and loves to give kisses (when its her idea) She loves gymnastics- her favorite part is the bars. She still loves dance and can't wait for dance class each week. She loves nursery especially now that Grandpa Randy is one of her teachers. She can't wait to be the big sister and I can't wait to watch her step into that role :) 

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